Film Head’s Top 10 Scenes To Make You Laugh

Here at Film Head we love laughing and laughter. We also love long walks on the beach, romantic getaways, and hot air balloon rides – but you’re probably not here for that… or are you..? Anyways, if you like having fun and laughing as much as we do, then check out Film Heads’ Top 10 Scenes to Make You Laugh:

10. I – I – I – I got hit with a pop” – Nick Cage as a Very Hated Weather Man

Nicholas Cage: the actor you hate to love and love to hate. His deliveries are unique, his performances are unusual, and he may want to take Travolta’s face off, but that doesn’t stop him from cracking us up when he says “a Big Gulp” in a defeated and downtrodden tone.

9. “Big Gulps Huh?” – Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber

Speaking of Big Gulps, Jim Carrey absolutely nails the comedic delivery of his absurd lines in this clip, which according to writer/director Peter Farrelly in an AMA, were completely ad libbed. What makes this scene even more hilarious, is knowing that the two dudes drinking big gulps weren’t actually planned extras. They were just two guys who happened to be there enjoying a frosty beverage that evening and Farrelly pulled them on set. I like to think that this is Carrey messing with the extras, which he has been known to do from time to time (notice the extra beside him losing his mind).

8. “What’s our Clearance Clarence?”The Timeless Classic: Airplane

It’s almost cheating to use a clip from Airplane in a list like Film Head’s Top 10 Scenes to Make you Laugh, since a blindfolded person could pick any scene at random and have it be hilarious. Although this movie is absolutely filled to the brim with gags, jokes, wordplay, and slapstick, Film Head thinks that this scene in particular takes the cake (it was seriously hard to choose!). The way they quickly introduce the names of each character, and then devolve just as quickly into an Abbot & Costello like exchange absolutely cracks us up.

7. “They F*CK You at the Drive-Thru Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon 2

Getting Joe Pesci to play the motor-mouthed Leo Getz in the second Lethal Weapon was a fantastic decision, and this scene is a perfect example. Pesci’s constant ranting about the drawbacks of ordering subway at a drive-thru, mixed in with his incessant stammering of “okay. okay. okay“, set the perfect tone of hilarious annoyance so that the resounding “SHUT UP” by both Riggs and Murtaugh is oh so satisfying.

6. “Am I Drinking? As Soon as I’m Done” – Bill Murray in Lost in Translation

A Film Head favourite, Lost in Translation significantly benefits from Bill Murray being, well, Bill Murray – especially in this scene. Despite the near-dead look he carries behind his eyes, Murray still manages to make us crack up as he fools around with the hard-to-decipher instructions from the Japanese photographer. Instructions that truly are lost in translation.

5. “I’m Gonna Make You Smile!” – Kevin Durand in Robin Hood (2010)

Be warned before watching this scene, you will be tempted to yell ” I’m gonna make yew SMIIILE!!” at every opportunity you get going forward. For this scene, it all starts with the setting. The boisterous and jubilant party mixes perfectly with the drunken shenanigans of Robin’s Merry Men, setting up Kevin Durand for a hilarious line that he absolutely crushes. His drunken-slur delivery is great, and the face he makes while trying to woo his female counterpart is worth rewinding to watch again.

4. “Slam! Poetry. Yelling!Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street (2014)

It was hard not to include a scene from the modern Jump Street series, as both movies are bursting with gags and era-aware jokes that crack us up. In this particular scene, we get to see both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill make a mockery of the people on stage, although in completely different ways. Jonah Hill is a favourite for us here at Film Head, and this scene exemplifies why we are such big fans of his humour. Also the poor guy often gets overlooked for his dramatic-acting chops, probably due to the fact that he’s just too damn funny.

3. “Dude Died in a Hang Gliding Accident. What an IDIOT!” – Will Ferrel in Wedding Crashers

There are so many great Will Ferrel bits from so many different movies, that it was hard to choose which scene would take take a spot on Film Head’s Top Ten Scenes to Make You Laugh. Ferrel’s character Chazz is so overtly juvenile in his behaviour, and it is nearly impossible not to laugh when he yells “MOM THE MEAT LOAF!! F#CK!!”.

2. “Americans Innit?” – Colin Ferrel and Brendan Gleeson in the Dark Comedy Classic: In Bruges

This scene is an absolute beauty, and that’s saying quite a lot since it’s from a movie that can make you laugh one second and feel emotionally gutted the next. The fact that both Colin Ferrel and Brendan Gleeson’s characters are genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of the Americans makes this scene all the more hilarious. If you haven’t already scene In Bruges, do yourself a favour and grab some popcorn – you would be hard pressed to find a better dark comedy to watch.

1. “These go to Eleven” – Christopher Guest as the Lead Guitarist for Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap is a timeless classic, and we think this scene in particular will continue to make people laugh for decades into the future. The complete honesty mixed with the boneheaded logic that Christopher Guest portrays in this scene is pure brilliance. If you can manage to not crack up through the whole scene then you are either made of stone or stoned enough to understand him! But in all seriousness, Spinal Tap is an 11/10 and this scene is a great introduction for those who have yet to watch it.

So there you have it folks! That was Film Head’s Top Ten Scenes to Make You Laugh! If you enjoyed this list, or if you think that we missed a hilarious scene that should have been included, feel free to leave us a comment below or send us an email at

Now… didn’t someone mention something about a romantic hot air balloon ride? No?

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